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понедельник, 26 октября 2009 г.

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Sue комментирует...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for teling us all about you school and thanks for the package that came week week.The children were very surprised that it came in a package and not in an envelope. I have been away from class for a while as my husband was in hospital. We opened it this week and guess what, the children could read Russian! Not really, but we could figure out what the poster said by looking at the pictures. Thanks for the post cards and pins too. I hope that you get our package soon and that the CD works in Russian players.

Lyudmila комментирует...

Hi Sue,
We hope your husband is feeling better.
A lot of our students are ill - they have the flu. Poor things!Our lyceum is closed - quarantine.
You've received our package which was sent by air mail. Another one will come a bit later - it was sent by mail.
Look forward to your songs - my students are interested if we will be able to understand and sing them.
Best wishes,