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среда, 24 февраля 2010 г.


It seems we will not have a spring this year. The weather is cold again. Today is - 35 .

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NZWaikato комментирует...

How can it be -35 when it should be spring!

Lyudmila комментирует...

Yes, it's awful. We are a bit tired of wearing warm clothes.

Lyudmila комментирует...

We wonder what the weather is like in New Zealand now

Linda Yollis комментирует...

Dear Lyudmila,

Oh dear! Where or where is spring?

:-( You should send your weather report into that Internet Weather Project!

Your friends,
Mrs. Yollis

Lyudmila комментирует...

Dear Mrs. Yollis,

We hope we'll be warm soon!
:=)We look forward to spring weather!

Lyudmila and class

Melville Intermediate, New Zealand комментирует...

In New Zealand at the moment we are having the end of our Summer. The temperature is about 20-25 degrees centigrade most days. In winter the coldest it would get at 9 degrees at the absolute coldest.