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четверг, 20 января 2011 г.

My Robot

We are learning the parts of the body in English. The students have to draw their robots and describe them.

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Mrs. Hembree комментирует...

Dear Class,
We watched your robot video today in our library class. Your robot drawings are awesome! One looks like Wall-E.
We also saw the Where's the Jam video and we think you are doing a great job learning English.
Is it still very cold there? It's sunny and cold in Seattle today.
Mrs. hembree and the children in Ms. Valenta's Class

Lyudmila комментирует...

Hi dear friends,

Thank you for watching our videos!We like learning English very much.

It is not cold now in our place and we can ski in our PE lessons. It is great! What do you do in your PE lessons?

Best wishes,
Lyudmila and class