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пятница, 28 февраля 2014 г.

Learning about dinosaurs

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Alyssam комментирует...

Alyssa, Room 1, Auroa school, Taranaki. Thank you for that amazing package, which arrived to our school yesterday. I would like to know more about the KAHICK building. Do you know about tscars gate kansk, what it is?

logan комментирует...

Thanks for the package we really liked it .
logan room1 auroa New Zealand.

Lyudmila комментирует...

Kia Ora,

We are back to school after a spring holiday.
Our arch was built in 2006 instead of wooden one which was burnt after 1917. They say it was built after the visit of tsar of Russia .

Vimax Suplemen Pembesar Mr.P Pria комментирует...

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