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понедельник, 17 февраля 2014 г.

Lessons have finished :)))

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Fletcher Room1 Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand комментирует...

wow that snow looks really fun to play in keep up the good work i wish it snowed like that here
Fletcher Room1 Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand

Анонимный комментирует...

Hello my name is Tahana i am a student from Mr webbs class in New Zealand thankyou for the package thatnyou sent us. Anyway it looks like you guys had so much fun in the snow i wish i was there. Did you go to school on the snow day?
Tahana Room1 Auroa School Taranaki New Zealand

Riley M South Taranaki New Zealand комментирует...

Riley M South Taranaki New Zealand
wow!!! that is a terific amount of snow. hope you are all okay, i have a few questions for you.
1. Do you still go to school?
2. What would you do at breaks if you go to school?
3. What would the average tempurature in Russia at the moment?

Blake room 1 Taranaki New Zealand комментирует...

Blake room 1 Auroa school Taranaki New zealand Hi that is a lot of snow. Do you still go to school if it snows like that ?

Lyudmila комментирует...

Kia Ora,

Thank you for your comments - we were really glad to read them!!!

Today is our last day before a spring holiday. We are back to school on 31 March.

During breaks we usually go to a school canteen, play games or just talk to our classmates.

It is a spring now here, snow is melting and the temperature is about +10 in the daytime.


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