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пятница, 29 января 2010 г.

воскресенье, 24 января 2010 г.

My day off

I decided to spend this day off on fresh air. But although I was dressed like a "cabbage" it was cold! However some kids were skiing and sledging. 

среда, 13 января 2010 г.


The weather in Krasnoyarsk was much more warmer and it was really hot in the hotel !!! We had to sleep with open window and put our blankets on the radiator to close it.

Frosty fog

The sun couldn't penetrate this fog and it was really horrible...But some students managed to come to school :)!!!

среда, 6 января 2010 г.

Awful weather

Our vacations are spoiled by frosty weather. It is about - 40C  every day. It will be - 47 on Monday,  how awful!!! I have to go to Krasnoyarsk with my daughter - to take part in the regional olympiad in English (she won the 1 place in our town among 11 grade students). How will I manage to "survive " in such a weather?!!

Wish us good luck! :)