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суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

The postcards from Honolulu!!!!

We have got two fantastic postcards from Honolulu. What a perfect view!! We wish we were there!!

It's great to have so much ocean around!

Thank you so much dear friends!

понедельник, 21 марта 2011 г.

A postcard from Yell

We received a wonderful postcard from Yell! We have learned that it is an island in Shetland and you have to go on the boat if you want to get off the island. There you can see these amazing puffings getting fish for their babies. What a lovely picture !!!

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you so much for your postcard, we really like it!!

A postcard from Shetland Islands

пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.

A package from Seattle

A package from Seattle on PhotoPeach

We've got a fantastic present from our friends from Seattle!!! We were really impressed and excited!!! We showed this present to every person who came to our classroom! We read wonderful books with fabulous pictures and can't stop looking at the amazing pictures of Seattle.

Special thanks to Mrs. Hembree for clear comments to every item in the package! They helped us learn a lot of new and interesting information.

Thanks to the students so much for writing letters and nice presents !!!!

четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

What a mess!

среда, 16 марта 2011 г.

понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.

My animal

суббота, 12 марта 2011 г.

The Postcard Project works!!!

We've already got postcards from England and Australia!!! Thank you so much dear friends! They motivate students in learning lanquage, geography and practising postcard writing.

среда, 9 марта 2011 г.

Spooky stories

Anya and Nikita are telling their spooky story

воскресенье, 6 марта 2011 г.

среда, 2 марта 2011 г.

Spring is coming!!!

It is getting warmer in our place, the sun is shining brightly, snow is melting and ice sculptures too.
This week is called "Maslenitsa" - people eat pancakes and meet spring.

вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.