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пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.

A package from Seattle

A package from Seattle on PhotoPeach

We've got a fantastic present from our friends from Seattle!!! We were really impressed and excited!!! We showed this present to every person who came to our classroom! We read wonderful books with fabulous pictures and can't stop looking at the amazing pictures of Seattle.

Special thanks to Mrs. Hembree for clear comments to every item in the package! They helped us learn a lot of new and interesting information.

Thanks to the students so much for writing letters and nice presents !!!!

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Kim комментирует...

What a wonderful idea. I have just started blogging and its great to see so many projects happening around the world. I can image that sharing objects like this would be a really hands on activity for the kids. How did you get started?
From Mrs Milton (Grade 2 teacher Leopold Primary Australia)

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs Milton,

Thank you for visiting our blog!
You are right, there are a lot of interesting projects around. We really enjoy taking part in them!
If you give us your address we will send you something about Russia - books, a toy and so on:)))
We could also skype with you.
My e-mail: ldave@list.ru

Best wishes,

Mrs. Hembree комментирует...

Dear Lydmila and class,
This is a wonderful movie about your package! We are so pleased that you liked your presents. I hope all your students will be able to read the 2 books we sent. They are getting so good at English, that they might be too easy!
Blogging makes the world a much smaller place!
Mrs. Hembree
PS. Do you have an ActivBoard? It looks like it in the movie and we were wondering. We have one too!

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs. Hembree and class,

Thanks again for wonderful presents! It's great that students are able to read books themselves and tell about it their parents! They feel proud.
We have an ActivBoard too and it's a big helper in our learning - so many resources in the Internet!Besides it is cool to Skype with friends and see them.
We are on a week holiday now and will be back on 1 April.

Lyudmila and class