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суббота, 12 марта 2011 г.

The Postcard Project works!!!

We've already got postcards from England and Australia!!! Thank you so much dear friends! They motivate students in learning lanquage, geography and practising postcard writing.

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Mrs McKenzie and class B4 комментирует...

Dear Class

We are B4 in New Zealand.

We will be sending out some more postcards soon, and we will be sending one to you.
It has been a lot of fun getting postcards from around the world.

I travelled to Russia in 1985, for a short time. We went to Minsk, Moscow, Kalinin and Leningrad (I think that may have a new name now?).

I really enjoyed visiting your country.

Whereabouts in Russia do you live?

from Mrs McKenzie

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

Thank you very much for visiting our blog!
We have sent a postcard to you too!

What a surprise that you were in Russia!!! We would be glad if you come here again! Of course everything is different here now. Kalinin has become Tver', Leningrad - St Petersburg, but despite of these changes their beauty hasn't changed.

We live in Siberia, Kansk,Krasnoyarskiy kray, it takes me 3 days by train to go to Moscow - my mum lives not far from it.
It is still snow here, but spring is slowly coming.

Kind wishes,
Lyudmila and class

Mrs. Hembree комментирует...

Dear Lyudmila and Class,
It is fun receiving postcards from around the world!
When we get a new postcard, we go on to Google Maps and find the school on the map! It is very fun to find these wonderful places.
I hope you get many postcards!
Mrs. Hembree