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пятница, 29 апреля 2011 г.

пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Happy Easter!

четверг, 21 апреля 2011 г.

среда, 20 апреля 2011 г.

Would you like .....?

Today we have learned how to offer different food

A new postcard

What a lovely postcard from England !!!!We really enjoyed looking at London Routemaster Bus and Big Ben!

воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

Do you like bananas?

Cosmonaut Day

Space pictures on PhotoPeach

среда, 13 апреля 2011 г.

America The Beautiful!

A new postcard from Michigan, America!

Rana and 4 grade sent us a wonderful postcard and a letter about Michigan wildlife. We found Michigan on the map of America, watched some videos and listened to a great song. What fabulous nature! We were really impressed!

понедельник, 11 апреля 2011 г.

The Yorkshire Dales postcard

An awesome postcard from Megan, Hawes Community Primary School, England!

Thank you, dear Megan!

воскресенье, 10 апреля 2011 г.

среда, 6 апреля 2011 г.

Greetings from NewZealand

We received an amazing postcard from Alison, New Zealand.

Thank you so much, it was interesting to know about your place!!!

вторник, 5 апреля 2011 г.

Head and shoulders

Today we've got a lot of fun learning "Head and shoulders knees and toes".

понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

New postcards

We received two fabulous postcards ! One of them is from Scotland.

We learnt that Arbroath is famous for its Abbey which was founded in 1178 and really enjoyed looking at its wonderful ships and yachts!!!

Another postcard is from Coffs Harbour, Australia. It was interesting to know that it is a cool place!!!! There are a lot of good attractions there like Brelsford park, The Big Bananas and the pet porpoise pool. We wish we were there!

What a fantastic way to learn about the world! Thank you, The Postcards Project and all people taking part in it!!!

пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.

The Postcards Project

An awesome postcard and a letter from Hawes primary school, England!!!

The Postcards Project

How cute! A wonderful postcard from Australia.

Fabulous postcard from Leopold Primary School!

Back to school

Our spring holidays have finished and we are back to school. It was fun to see sunburnt faces of year 6 students - they were outdoor a lot and really enjoyed their holidays!!