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пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

Happy Easter!

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Melville Intermediate, Hamilton комментирует...

Is Easter something that is celebrated in Russia? With the Easter Bunny/Chocolate and Eggs? and Religiously as well?

Learning English комментирует...

Yes, we celebrate Easter as well. It is a religeous holiday. On this day people go to the church and say to each other - "Christ is risen!" and the answer "He is truly risen!"It is a tradition to bless Easter eggs and kuliches in the church.
At Easter all the family members have Easter dinner.
We don't have an Easter Bunny.

In Russia eggs are often cooked together with onion skins or wrapped in colourful fabric remnants.Children like to beat with eggs in order to check whose one is harder.

Happy Easter!!!

Lyudmila and class

Jakob комментирует...

do you do most of the stuff that we do
on easter!

what is it like in russia