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понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

New postcards

We received two fabulous postcards ! One of them is from Scotland.

We learnt that Arbroath is famous for its Abbey which was founded in 1178 and really enjoyed looking at its wonderful ships and yachts!!!

Another postcard is from Coffs Harbour, Australia. It was interesting to know that it is a cool place!!!! There are a lot of good attractions there like Brelsford park, The Big Bananas and the pet porpoise pool. We wish we were there!

What a fantastic way to learn about the world! Thank you, The Postcards Project and all people taking part in it!!!

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Mrs McKenzie and B4 комментирует...

Dear friends
Yesterday (April 4) we received an envelope with 3 lovely postcards from you. Thank you!
We have put them up on our wall beside our world map.

This week we are writing more postcards in class, and soon there will be a card on its way to your class.

I think you all do a great job of learning English - you are all very clever! At what age did you start learning English?

from Mrs McKenzie

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs McKenzie,

Thank you for visiting our blog!
We really like learning English. We start learning it at the age of 7-8 when we are in year 2. We have lessons twice a week. When we are in a middle school we will have 3 lessons a week.

Look forward to your postcard.

Kind wishes,
Lyudmila and class

Jakob комментирует...

that is cool.