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суббота, 28 февраля 2009 г.

We are the winners!

Some students take part in cheerleading competition.

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Sue комментирует...

Hi Dave and students. Thanks for the message on my teacher blog and for linking our 2008 site to your blog. What year level are your students? Are they learning English? I would be very happy to communicate with your group on a regular basis and I will add your blog to my blogroll on Teacher Space. Our 2009 student sites are:
Speak to you soon.

Learning English комментирует...

Hi Sue.Thank you very much for your comment.We are not very experienced in blogging yet but we have a great desire.My students are 13-15.They study English. We like singing songs and chants in English,make projects in English at the end of each topic in our course book.
I found a lot of interesting things for me and my students through blogging.Thanks again. Best wishes,