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пятница, 17 апреля 2009 г.

Project "Space city"

Our city looks like a ball. Three thousand people live there. People travel by flying machine.There is a big zero-gravity sport centre and a stadium. People play space football, volleyball and other space games. They don't work. Robots work at the farms and factories. People help animals and people from other planets. They travel a lot and invent new useful things.

4 комментария:

Learning English комментирует...

This project was made by Sasha, Denis and Yura.

Sue комментирует...

H Guys,
This would be a very interesting place to take a vacation! Very creative.

Learning English комментирует...

Hi Sue,
Thank you very much for your comment!The boys will be glad you like it!We make a lot of project and like this work because it is interesting and creative.They learn to work in a team, look for information and present it.

Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Sasha, Denis, and Yura,

I like your city! It would be great to travel by flying machine. In addition, I would love to spend some time in the zero-gravity sports center!

All of you are very clever!

Mrs. Yollis
California, U.S.A.