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пятница, 30 октября 2009 г.

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Students are preparing for Halloween...

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Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Friend,

I really enjoyed seeing your pumpkins and Halloween masks! We had a fun time here in California. All the students dressed up in costume and had a parade for the parents. It was fun!

Your friend,
Mrs. Yollis

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs Yollis,

Thank you for your comment! Your students' costumes are fantastic! We were impressed very much watching them. We also had a great time - we played games- apple bobbing, pin the nose to the pumpkin, made posters, took part in different competitions. Then everybody received candies.
Now we are looking forward to Christmas and hope it will be fun too.

Your Russian friends