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воскресенье, 6 декабря 2009 г.

Snowy weather

The weather is fairy.  Everything around is white with snow and it crunches under my  feet. We are busy with preparing for Christmas. 

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M Webb комментирует...

That looks like a whole lot of snow! How cold is it? We're heading towards Summer in New Zealand so the temperature is getting towards the mid 20 degrees centigrade but wont get much higher than 30, I think some places in Russia get as low as negative 40 degrees Celsius? Is that right?
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Learning English комментирует...

Hello dear friends,

Thank you very much for your interest!You are absolutly right, sometimes we have - 42-43 degrees centigrade in winter here in Siberia, but not very often.This year the weather isn't very cold but snowy.It is about -15 now. It is snowing almost every day. In the center of Russia the climate is not so severe.

Your Russian friends

M Webb комментирует...

Is -15 not very severe? We don't see Snow at all in New Zealand except for the mountains so it doesn't get below 10degres in winter... what temperature do you close the school?

Learning English комментирует...

We got used to it. Our schools close when it is -35 for elemetary school and - 40 for senior students.But teachers have to work even in such a weather. Yesterday it was -25.
As for me I hate cold weather because you have to wear a lot of clothes. I like when it is warm and you can swim in the river, lake ...
I was born in the central part of Russia and miss my native town and its weather.
What is the hottest temperature in your place?
In summer we have to +28- +35

M Webb комментирует...

It would be about+30 in Summer at its hottest so we don't have the extremes in the temperature that you do, some of our students have never seen snow (I've only seen it once).