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среда, 13 января 2010 г.


The weather in Krasnoyarsk was much more warmer and it was really hot in the hotel !!! We had to sleep with open window and put our blankets on the radiator to close it.

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Sue комментирует...

Hi Everyone,
Oh my goodness! What dreadful weather. Thanks so much for the package of goodies that you sent to us. The children have not had a chance to see them yet as we are still on school holidays. Our office ladies have the dolls sitting on their counter at the moment. I hope that they will give them back :)
I will write a post about then package as soon as they return. We start back at school on February 1st.
How are you going with learning the Australian songs?

Learning English комментирует...

Hi Sue,

The weather here is a bit better. We are back from our winter vacation and busy with preparing for lyceum's birthday (we are 6 this year). And students are making project about Australia because our last topic in English textbook was "A trip to Australia".
As for the Australian songs we like them very much, espeсially "We are one but we are many..."
We sing it with great enthusiasm and pleasure.:)
Due to this song we have learned some interesting information about Australia and its heroes. Thanks again for this precious gift!

All the best,

John Hadley Strange комментирует...

I found your website through Mr. Lamshed's Class Blog. I have 154 students in my EDM310 classes, all of whom are studying to be teachers. Some will be visiting your blog soon and leaving comments. They will leave their blog addresses and would like comments as well.

Thank you.
John Strange
University of South Alabama

Learning English комментирует...

Hello Mr Strange,

Thank you for visiting our blog! Look forward to your students and will be glad to visit their blogs too.:)

Best wishes,