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воскресенье, 26 сентября 2010 г.

What's your name?

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M Webb комментирует...

And to think you were worried about your students learning English this year, they look so confident and happy that's a great start!

Learning English комментирует...

Thank you so much for such an encouraging comment!!!

Lyudmila and Vika and Liza :-)))

Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Lyudmila and students,

Fabulous English! I love it! You are all doing very well!

I think it would be fun if you taught all of us some words or phrases in your language! :-)

Maybe say something first in English, like "Hello, how are you?" and then teach us how to say it in Russian.

What do you think of that idea? I'd love to learn some Russian! :-)

Your friend,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs. Y♥llis,

Sorry for delay in posting our comments - we had some problems with settings.

Thank you for listening to our first conversation in Eglish.

We love your idea very much and will put a new video with Russian phrases on Tuesday.

With love,
Your Russian friends

Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Lyudmila,

We are loving your posts! Learning a new language is difficult, but fun!

The English is really coming along! Well done!

Your friend,
Mrs. Y♥llis