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среда, 11 мая 2011 г.

Student Blogging Challenge #8 ~ Pride Meme

We were tagged with the meme by our blogging friends - Mrs. Yollis and third graders. The blogging meme:

Describe one of the things you have done in life, that make you glow with pride. We have read some posts on their blog and were really impressed by things they did. It is great to help people in need !!

This year we were able to help some poor students in our town to go to school - we helped them with stationaries, copy books, school bags and some clothes. About 500 students of our lyceum took part in this action. We think it is a small action but it makes us glow with pride - it was real help for them.

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Анонимный комментирует...

Hi friends,
We think that its wonderful of you to help out your fellow students with school supplies. What a great gift. I bet those children were smiling.

We had two Siberian Huskies come to our classroom the other day. We asked the owner where they were originally from and they didn't know. One of the students suggested that they could be from your region. Do you know if they come from Siberia Russia?
From Mrs Milton 2Mk Australia

Learning English комментирует...

Dear friends,

As far as we know the Siberian Husky originated in eastern Siberia. The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family.
Their ancestors came from the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic. Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi of Northeastern Asia to pull heavy loads long distances through difficult conditions. The dogs were imported into Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush and later spread into the United States and Canada. They were initially sent to Alaska and Canada as sled dogs but rapidly acquired the status of family pets and show dogs.
They are so cute!!!

Lyudmila and class