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пятница, 10 июня 2011 г.

The precious gift from Australia!!!

The precious gift from Australia on PhotoPeach

We received a parcel from our blogging buddies - Grade 2MK LeopoldPrimary School!!! What wonderful things are there! The koala toy Kenny, a football, Australia pull-apart magnet, a set of australian pencils and flags, an amazing book about australian animals, a game with australian money and even vegemite!!! Thank you so much dear friends!

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Kim Milton комментирует...

Dear Friends,
We are so glad that you recieved the parcel and like the gifts enjoy. Let us know what you think of the vegemite!
From Mrs Milton

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs Milton,

First time we tried vegemite we thought it is chocolate spread (it looks like this), but then we felt it is salty! To say the truth it was a bit unusual for us. But now Mrs Golubeva starts every morning with a piece of bread with vegemite and a cup of tea. I got used to it very quickly!! Thanks again I read it is very healthy!
If I visit Australia someday I will be able to eat everything with vegemite! :)))

Kind wishes,
Your friends

Анонимный комментирует...

Dear Friends,
That is great that you are eating vegemite. Fifteen students in our class eat it on toast for breakfast. Some even eat it with cheese.
Maybe you could try that.
From Mrs Milton and 2MK

Dante комментирует...

Hi Im Dante and I go to Melville Intermediate School Hamilton Waikato New Zealand

Wow these are some cool preziez from Australia. I hope you guys have fun playing with the toys and the money. I hope you like the vegie mite. P.S We have some of that in New Zealand except it is called Marmite.

From Dante

Learning English комментирует...

@ Mrs Milton and 2MK
Dear Mrs Milton and 2MK,

Thank you for your advice! I tried vegemite with cheese, it is really delicious!!

Learning English комментирует...


Dear Dante,

Thank you very much for your comment!
We really love these wonderful presents from Australia!
And we liked vegemite too, although it seemed a bit salty first time.
Do you like eating Marmite for breakfast?

Your Russian friends