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среда, 17 августа 2011 г.

Summer views

Siberia on PhotoPeach

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Judy McKenzie комментирует...

We have a lot of mountains around our town too, leading out into a valley of flat farming land, and your landscapes seemed to be similar to ours.

from Judy McKenzie

carolynknz комментирует...

Kia ora Lyudmila,
The mountain and forest scenes are beautiful. I'm envious that you are enjoying the summer right now.
It is fine and frosty in Te Awamutu this morning. Earlier this week New Zealand had the the heaviest snowfalls for decades. There were even snow flurries in Te Awamutu and Auckland which was amazing. The last time it snowed in Auckland was 1939!
Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Learning English комментирует...

@Judy McKenzie

Dear Judy,

I'd love to visit your wonderful mountains and valleys one day!!:))

Lyudmila Golubeva

Learning English комментирует...


Dear Carolyn,

It's great to hear from you again!!!
We are spending the last part of our summer holiday - I am back after a long trip around our country: from Siberia to the Black Sea where I spend the great time, to Moscow then again to Siberia.

It is really amazing that you had snowfalls!!!!Hope nothing bad had happened.I think kids were interested to see snow.

Kind wishes,

Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Lyudmila,

What a beautiful slide show! It looks like you went camping near a river. Did you fish in that river? If so, what kind of fish do you catch?

The mountains look very inviting! I love the outdoors!

Your friend,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Learning English комментирует...

Mrs. Yollis
Dear Mrs. Yollis,

We were fishing there and cought some graylings. The fish soup was so tasty!