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пятница, 9 сентября 2011 г.

What's your name?

Our first phrases in English. It is our first lesson.

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carolynknz комментирует...

Well done girls, you pronounced the words correctly and spoke very clearly.
Молодцы девочки, вы произнесли слова правильно и говорил очень четко.
(I hope Google has translated my sentence correctly!)
Miss Knight
New Zealand

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Miss Knight,

Thank you so much for your comment! Google translation is perfect!
We had a lot of fun playing with phones :))

Your friends
Mrs Golubeva and class

room 2, Burnham School, New Zealand комментирует...

Kia Ora,

Room 2 Burnham School thought the girls did a great job with the phone call

Ethan and Harvey

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Ethan and Harvey,

Thank you so much for your comment!!
We will do our best next time too!

Nastya and Sonya