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суббота, 31 декабря 2011 г.

Happy New Year!

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David and Adele комментирует...

Happy New Year Lyudmila and children. I expect it is cold where you are and now you begin to wait for the spring to come. We were very busy at the end of the year. I am in Switzerland now, but tomorrow I return to England. As always there is a lot to be done. I very much hope we can keep communicating, I think I owe you something nice in the post.
Very best wishes again and thank you for all your kind support.

Mr E

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mr E,

Thanks a lot for your kind wishes!Hope you had a great time in Switzerland and really enjoyed your Christmas holiday.
It isn't too cold in our place now - 20-25 :)) and we can ski and skate.
We are back to school on January 11 and will prepare for our lyceum birthday. Usually we celebrate it for 4 days.
Have a nice holiday!

Kind wishes,
Lyudmila Golubeva and class