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воскресенье, 26 февраля 2012 г.

Climbing a pillar

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New Town 2nd Grade комментирует...

Dear Friends,

I am very interested at your video. What is the significance of climbing the pillar?

Learning English комментирует...

Climbing a pillar is one of the old Russian traditions on Pancake week. People just compete in their phisical skills and abilities. On the top of the pillar there is a prize but it isn't easy to reach it - the pillar is smooth.

New Town 2nd Grade комментирует...

Thanks for getting back to us. We watched the video in class and found it very interesting to watch. We wondered if we could do something like that. Most of us said it would be very hard.
Is it a monetary prize?

From 2nd Grade Superstars

Learning English комментирует...

The prizes were some electric devices - electric kettles, microwave oven etc. :)))