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понедельник, 9 ноября 2009 г.

Feeding the birds...

It is  cold now - 25C. Every day the birds are flying in front of my window and sometimes knocking it. I've made a "canteen" for them.

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Sue комментирует...

very cute :)

carolynknz комментирует...

Brrr, that is so cold. It certainly doesn't get that cold where I live. We had some very cold (for us) morning frosts, down as far as -4C, in the past winter.
They are pretty little birds. I wonder what kind of birds they are?
Best wishes,
Carolyn Knight

Learning English комментирует...

Hi Carolyn,
It isn't very cold, sometimes in winter we have about -40C and students don't go to school.
These birds are blue tits. They like to eat sunflower seeds and fat (I've tied some to the tree).
All the best,

Mrs. Yollis комментирует...

Dear Friend,

Thanks for the great video of your beautiful birds!

It has been unseasonably warm here in California. Yesterday it was 70˚F! My students were surprised to hear how different the temperature is for you!

Mrs. Yollis

Learning English комментирует...

Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,

Thank you very much for your comment!
We really enjoyed watching your video "Thanksgiving Fun"! It looks like everybody had a lot of fun. We wish we could taste your bread :), it looks delicious.

Your Russian friends

M Webb комментирует...

Just a wonderful video - a very simple idea but so fascinating. Can't believe its -25 degrees! And up to -40 degrees! In the middle of our part of New Zealand we don't get any snow except in the Mountains, but I will show this to my students in class and see what they think, I am sure that they will enjoy it.

Learning English комментирует...

Thank you for your comment! You are lucky with the weather. We have a lot of snow this autumn in Siberia. Our kids like to roll in the snow and when it is sticky they like to make a snowman.